Friday, October 21, 2011

What did Governor Kasich do?

He handed the state of Ohio over to the HSUS on a silver platter. His executive order will encourage every two-bit "humane society" in the state to go into people's homes and confiscate animals. This has been building for years, to every one of those organizations already has a list of targets. I watched the video. Kasich's part had been prepared, with the help of the fraudulent charity that sponsors domestic terrorism, for months now. So had Terry Thompson's spectacle.

Sheriff Matthew Lutz labeled it suicide before the coroner had looked at the body. While the coroner did indeed rule that it was suicide, it looks like he was killed with a 30-30. A 30-30 is a long rifle and if you even can pull the trigger while it is under your chin, no one has arms long enough when it's pointed at the stomach. The rest looks like an animal rights group attack, with locks cut off and fences cut, and of course for some reason Lutz, who has been hovering over this situation for years, had to claim that Thompson did this to himself.

As I have learned the hard way, the Feline Conservation Federation has decided that their policy would be that Terry Thompson did it to himself, and that it is incorrigible and otherwise speculative and vexatious to get on their Facebook page and claim that the animal rights people did it. Someone is having trouble remembering who is famous for cutting locks and fences. The idea that this man committed suicide and did all this insults the intelligence. Malicious releases of animals is a trademark of the Animal Liberation Front but I'll bet a dollar that they don't claim this one. Or do you all think that the ALF absolutely has to spray-paint its logo on something everywhere that they go?

Were this an animal rights assault it would look foolish for Governor Kasich of Ohio to push for a mass punishment of all exotic animal owners in Ohio, which is what his executive order amounts to. Allowing the employees of every two-bit humane society in Ohio to kick people's doors down will be punishing for thousands of owners. One can hope that the news will come out that it was an AR attack and then Kasich will have to resign in embarrassment. I have no sympathy for him. This is a horrible thing to choose to do, to mistreat every exotic animal owner in a state at once using a very exceptional incident as an excuse, even if it was a real incident.

There will be more to come on this. Joe Schreibvogel of GW Exotics in Wynnewood Oklahoma tried to help and Sheriff Lutz prevented him from doing so.