Saturday, November 26, 2011

They see virtue as dangerous

In my carefully considered opinion when IFAW granted money to WAO, they wanted the Asvestases to work with them against private owners. I am suspicious that Jack Hanna and someone who we are still pretty sure is on our side have both been given "silver or lead" ultimatums, either work for them and be paid or die. I can see it in the expressions on their faces The Asvestases were already darkside. Their affects never change. If you catch that utterly fear-struck, blood-drained, "my whole world is collapsing around me" look of Jack Hanna's and you see it on someone else who has been in the news, you just know. I'll give Hanna this much credit. He knows that he's going against his better self and he can't keep the fact from showing on his face.

Weak attempts at preservation are worse than no attempts at all. Any controlling agency can suck the virtue out of a project along with the money and virtue can be bought and traded. Eric Blair, more commonly known by his pen name "George Orwell" wrote about a Ministry of Love that did exactly the opposite of its name, and conservation organizations make far more money with weak and failing attempts and policies than they would by succeeding or allowing success.

It's no surprise if someone finds an agency that they think is decent and then they want a piece of it. I can name the virtues of the big cats half a dozen different ways. Among the ways that I can name it, I could say "essence of common decency." It's real. You could call it "virtue" also. This is something that a man or a woman will strive to have a little bit of to the exclusion of every primary drive that I can name. All but the most addicted to gambling or drugs can replace them with that essence. Those who can't want to.

Having us by our sensitive parts is passe. This is something that people who have a clue about would rip their own sensitive parts off to have. It is not materially different from the love that a mother and an infant have for each other. If this is ripped out of a person everyone knows it, too.

The virtue that I am talking about is the only thing that people like John Kasich see as dangerous. They use the term "danger" as their private code word. We think that "danger" means something entirely different and we act accordingly when they tell us to get rid of or regulate "dangerous" animals. Then they laugh up their sleeves at us. With six ODNR people on the panel and Kasich egging them on we are dealing with bullies, a collection of the usual pathological jerks and cretins. Who else would twist the head off someone's pet owl in front of him?

I could of course write a longer essay and even a book on this one subject. The term "virtue" covers a lot of territory. It is the basis of competence in all areas of life. It can't be forced into a person and attempts to do so take it out of individuals and groups. Having it gives you immunity to parasite, which is why parasites see it as dangerous.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Vote "NO" on the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act?

Before I vote "no" on the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, I want to see at least three very specific people, Who Know Who They Are, vote "no" on licensing requirements for private owners of exotics.