Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Terrorist Attack Planned Against German-Owned Power Plant in England

No kidding. As I've been saying, give the environmentalists an inch and they'll take your food, your water, your fuel, and leave you shivering in the cold and starving.

Protesters target E.ON's Ratcliffe plant

Environmentalists campaigning against climate change said on Monday
they would attempt to shut down German utility E.ON’s power station at
Ratcliffe in central England in a mass action planned for October.
What do I have to say to the police and security forces who are guarding this power plant that is vital to the security and safety of the citizens of the human race? Shoot to kill. Load up the worst people-killer rounds that you have. They work on environmentalists also. If they want to make martyrs, draw a one hundred meter perimeter and drop them there. I would also be happy to see them bleeding on razor wire.

These people will kill their fellow human, actively or by neglect, for the sake of a rat or an owl. They want laws against what other people do but do not want to obey laws. They will destroy animals alleging that those animals are tainted by human manipulation. If they successfully shut down a power plant they will have succeeded in committing a terrorist act, blatantly, and I would just as soon they die before they get in the door rather than have good men risk their lives trying to root these damned rodents out. So happy hunting, whoever is guarding the Ratcliffe plant. Let Ratcliffe be their Waterloo.

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