Friday, January 29, 2010

Someone Pushes Some Emotional Buttons

And then it becomes verboten to say bad things about the death of Daniel Shaull, who set himself on fire and then tried to use his flaming body to set fire to a business, Nicholas Ungar Furs.

Someone actually asked me to "prove it" about, I guess, a statement that I made that a lot of people could have died or that he intended to catch the business on fire when he attempted to run inside, or maybe I was supposed to prove that he attempted to go through a locked door. I don't know why.

Fascinating is how many newspapers shut down the comments on this case. What, does not every terrorist have family? The people who own the businesses that the animal rights activists destroy, don't they have family? What about the people who might have been seriously injured or died in that attack?

Victoria Taft says that the demonstrators egged Shaull on to do this. I would like to see more evidence but I'm not skeptical. If he was not "political" and not "religious" like his father says, how did it occur to him to do this? Someone had to put him up to it. I think that a very careful investigation needs to be made here. A local businessman said that Shaull had protested at the store "regularly" which implies having been in Portland more than the five days that his father claimed. There should also be some witnesses who saw who egged him on and who provided the gasoline and matches.

If you read "Free the Animals!" you can learn that for over thirty years there have been training camps for animal rights terrorists. They learn to form terrorist cells and conduct disciplined attacks against targeted installations like mink farms, a Bureau of Land Management horse barn, slaughterhouses (they burned two slaughterhouses that processed horses) and medical researchers. They demonize their targets, often lying, then go after them with fire, vandalism, and animal releases that often result in dead animals. Their more respectable fronts include by now almost countless "SPCAs" and "humane societies" that prey on anyone who has a breeding or rescue and lie about them to get them into trouble.

Are the legislators who pass laws that are pushed by the animal rights activists any better than the activists themselves? When they passed the laws against exotic animals they were serving the same animal rights terrorists. When they passed the "puppy mill" bills they were doing the same thing. I would guess that about 95 percent of Americans are not sympathetic animal rights terrorists and are not being served by what amounts to morality laws that come from extremists who would bait a man into killing himself to protest against animal use. We have to understand that any time that we support part of the animal rights agenda by "regulating" animal use the way that they want, we strengthen their entire agenda: No meat, no fur, no leather, no pets, no nothing.

Unfortunately some major newspapers seem to have clamped down on news and opinions about this, but the fact is that we have to get totally sick of this sometime. Why not when someone dies doing the same thing that has been so destructive to everyone in the animal businesses? I don't know that Daniel Shaull was entirely an innocent. He did in fact set himself on fire and try to burn down a business, like a suicide bomber, and he had enough of his faculties to travel around the U.S. on a bus, find employment as a "youth counselor" at least until they decided his screws were too loose, then find this store in a strange city.

I would have to say that someone might get burned for not cooperating with the AR terrorists. It looks like if you do cooperate with them you will, sooner or later, get burned a lot worse.

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