Monday, April 19, 2010

On the one hand...

On the one hand, "they" demand that we alter our dogs to prevent the possibility of reproduction, a surgical mutilation that affects future health and skeletal development adversely and causes significant structural alteration. On the other hand, they denounce bark softening as a horrible mutilation, even though bark softening involves a little bit of cutting on very small pieces of tissue, which has very little effect on the dog as a whole. That's just yanking us back and forth.

On the one hand, "they" claim that owning exotic animals is dangerous. On the other hand they demand that people in developing nations with growing human populations allow tigers and lions to run around as nuisance animals with no protection for the humans.

In reference to the previous paragraph, another "one hand, other hand": They complain that humans destroy habitat then they work to deny habitat that humans freely offer to the animals.

On the one hand, they say that we must "adopt." Then they dictate how many we can keep, which also has the effect of reducing the number of homes for animals.

They tell us that the population of humans should be reduced by any means necessary. Then they warn us of the dangers of keeping animals as pets.

They want to write laws for us to obey but they disobey any laws that are inconvenient to them, such as open meetings laws, laws against arson and vandalism, and laws against cruelty to animals.

They demand that we "register" our animals yet the entire state of Missouri can tell you that they will use the registries as lists for shopping for targets.

They prosecute owners and breeders over the slightest nitpicky excuse and at the same time they pack dogs into crates that are too small for them and let them rot in their own shit in their "humane" shelters. They're real good at taking animals from any situation and making that situation worse.

They pick on people for having animal bodies in freezers. PETA keeps a walk-in freezer for animal bodies and that's a standard for shelters. That one is simply good hygiene.

The hypocrisy of the movement is most evident when they claim that they're about saving the animals and they destroy so many.

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  1. Most of this post is simply reminding me of what I've already learned firsthand! They did it all to me and my partner, and they'll do it to everyone reading this blog as well, unless they are stopped. Thank you for the refresher!