Monday, June 28, 2010

The Point System

It's one of those things that we always know is there and it is usually not written about. There is a point system and a scorecard and it can be made into a computer program or just totted up on a "sacred board" if that's what you want to call it. If there is such a thing as a "sacred board" it's simply a way of depicting the progress of a business or a religion or a swindle.

People on the side of ownership rights have voluntarily deprived themselves of ways to score points. You know what I'm talking about when you read this, don't you? Our consciences often inspire us to continue to lose points in the game because we think that it is for the sake of the dogs, or the children, or a higher morality to give up those points. We get nothing back for that because trading in that currency allows the animal activists to keep score. They cheat.

Trading good money for marijuana or cocaine, alcohol, or the chance to win millions of dollars are ways to trade money to feel good. We trade money, personal autonomy which means control over our lives, our worldly goods, and our say about the care of our animals to feel good about ourselves. What we actually trade them for is permission to feel slightly better than slime mold and that permission is granted to us at great cost to ourselves while it costs them little. That's a basic principle of business.

If a point system is established, as in gin rummy, golf, Dungeons and Dragons, and those of us who are human can access and understand this point system, we have a much better chance of winning the game. This is like having a bank account that we have to spend money from. We obviously have to keep track of what goes into and comes out of the account and we have to be able to see the books. We have to know what is in the account to know whether we are adding money or taking money out.

Part of the morality of subservience is that the subservient never audit the leadership's books.

Among other things, the deceivers have persuaded us that every pet lion, tiger, alligator, snake, and other exotic animal is a liability. At best we lose more slowly, using their point system, a system that we don't understand or realize that it exists. If we do just one thing and regard each pet, exotic or domestic, as an asset, the way that the shelters and scamtuaries do, then we start with a whole lot of points, not quite as many as we had ten years ago, but a lot. If we think of them as liabilities it's a bit easier to pry them from our warm living hands.

If one part of your mind sees things as assets and another part sees the same things as liabilities, or you just plain see assets as liabilities, then you don't know what you're investing in and what you're going to get out of it. Misdirected altruism lets dishonest charities take advantage of people and when exercising that altruism we don't allow ourselves to see our own balance sheet. We even disdain the idea of a balance sheet. At that we still expect something back, which is permission to feel slightly better about ourselves, with our worse enemies deciding what constitutes "better." This leads to outrageous behavior on the part of people who are struggling for scraps of God's favor.

We see people who want to pet our animals or live with them as potential liabilities, also. Yes, that's a bit self-serving, but someone has to say it. They might be plants from animal rights groups. The threshold for the label of "animal abuser" is ridiculously low these days and it's easy to see the label and not the person even when you know this. Various dirty tricks, rumors, and even laws are designed to set up barriers between private menageries and the public. The people who got the laws passed exempted themselves from those laws, too. They took our assets away from us. They're stealing our customers, from any of us who breed and sell animals or who keep menageries and want to display them. It's easier when we don't see them as assets.

The solution is obviously to keep our own books and our own history, along with our own morality. Our pets are assets. Our friends are assets. Our dreams are assets, and we have a better morality than they do.

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