Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I got your "turning point" right here

Mink farmers need nightvision scopes and decent rifles to watch their farms at night. I don't even know how security fails to notice violent terrorists entering laboratories with arson materials. And I really wish at least one time a bullet would explode someone's milk jug full of gasoline that he intends to use on an innocent researcher's home and car, covering the vandal with flaming gasoline.

Good old John Goodwin of the HSUS is "ecstatic" when a family narrowly escapes death from a home that was set on fire by terrorists. Now he helps the HSUS kill dogs.

Giving the "direct action" people a little bit of undeserved free publicity, here is something from their front page. I consider it to be evidence of criminal intent and as such is legal to repost under fair use laws:

received anonymously:

"For too long we have sat back, for too long we have let our past actions justify our lack of action, but stirred by the sentencing of the young SHAC activists we are off our seats and at our doors. We are the past generation of animal liberationists, but we will now be the future, stiking at the heart of the vivisection industry, and if we have to go back to egg timers and incense sticks then we will.
Mark our words, we will destroy all who fall into our focus. This is a call for all those who feel the same, the people from campaigns past, the people who never got caught, and those who did. The animals still need our help so we must strike hard and fast.
This will be a turning point.

Justice Department"

This is from the front page of Bite Back's website, and I guess they don't mind getting in trouble because this is a direct threat of terrorist action. They'll destroy all who fall into their focus? That sounds like a threat because it is a threat. This is a threat that we know they will carry out. Iowa gave up its ass to them and they still have to bury their medical research laboratories to prevent terrorist acts.

Do they actually want the normal citizens of the United States to take our gloves off? They didn't just make it our right, they made it mandatory. Self defense is an obligation. There are more than a hundred normal people for every freak like these people and we could turn them into greasy smears in no time. Look for them at your McDonald's eating burgers.

I don't know why such lowlifes can turn so many of us into idiots but some time we will wise up. They threaten our food supply. They threaten our pets saying that those pets shouldn't even live. So shouldn't we threaten them?

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  1. As a matter of fact, I would say that Iowa has to bury its research laboratories underground and implement strict security measures BECAUSE its government gave in to terrorist demands. Terrorists only get worse when you give in to them because giving in shows weakness. It rewards them for their dirty work.