Friday, December 9, 2011

More rambling...

They're really working to ignore the benefits to society. Someone wants control of those benefits and like the thieves that they are they want to get us to devalue them so that we will sell them at fire-sale prices. Even better for them, like the robber barons, if they can get us to pay them to haul them off, they will. Balderson is no better than the rest.

In many ways it would have been better for me to actually take advantage. I think I permanently put myself outside of a group that would have let me have what I desired as long as I was willing to bend over and RAPE the rest of the world. There I'd be trickling down on people because someone told me that I had to if I wanted the kind of life that I want. I feel like if I did that something would go badly wrong with my brain and I wouldn't be able to do useful work with it anymore. Which might explain a lot.

Am I abnormal because I want something less if someone else has it and doesn't want me to have it? Because I'm only willing to pay a fair price? Because I think if I rob someone I have already paid a price far in excess of the worth of whatever I took?

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