Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Five Million Dollars?

T. Boone Pickens's wife says no to money for veterinary school at OSU. She granted the school some money but said don't give any to the veterinary school because she doesn't know where their animals come from. I'm going out on a limb and presuming that she is believing stories from animal rights sources. No one should believe animal rights activists about anything. Fortunately most of the time their threats aren't true either. Not that they wouldn't, they just usually don't.

Veterinary schools have every reason not to want animal rights activists to speak to them, to walk by their campuses, or to have any effect whatsoever on their operations. Every kind of business, legal businesses mind you, that uses animals for any purpose whatsoever has been attacked by animal rights extremists, lied about, vandalized, or burned to the ground. A veterinary school has to try even harder than many businesses to stay within the letter and spirit of the law because it has so many reasons to maintain its integrity. Illegal attacks by an organization that pretends to be enforcing morality go around the law that the victims are trying to obey. I say "as best they can" about that obedience because regulations sometimes contradict each other. You don't know which agency is going to tell you something different from what the other agency tells you. Sometimes inspectors just plain lie because they work for animal rights interests. Did anyone believe that the "undercover investigators" were limited to those who sneak in with cameras? Or that systemic dishonesty is limited to the times that the ARs are caught?

A wealthy patron spanked Oklahoma State University and forced them to allow an animal rights activist to preach to them about morals and ethics. Say what? That's pretty humiliating. It's like having the school bully preach to his favorite victims about why we should be kind to each other. It's like having Michael Vick teach a course on how to be kind to animals. I'm sorry, but to do this Madeleine Pickens must not have a clue about what is going on.

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