Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whining All the Way to the Bank

Of course Jana Kohl thinks, like so many other alleged animal welfare activists, that the way to improve human nature is to accuse humans of all kinds of crimes. It's a habit. Most charities use some kind of sob story. I wasn't able to believe the story that one major "animal protection" charity told because they simply laid it on too thick. Too much was happening at once in the letter that they send to old ladies to try to get them to send $25 a month.

The animal rights activists are a loyal following of over two million putative adults who can be counted on to buy just about every book written by an AR approved author even if they dont' read it or the book just isn't readable. One way that PETA pays one author, who I'm not going to bother to bash on here by name, is by buying her book in bulk and handing it out for free. They wear her name for credibility, anyone who can sound a little bit sane and professional instead of like a nutcase. Any time they're passing someone's book around, which may be about dog training, dog psychology, or more general animal topics, they have to pay the publisher and the author gets a royalty. That "giveaway" can make an author a lot of money, sometimes millions but certainly enough to make the author a comfortable living. This way they get around various rules about how charitable donations are spent.

Right now, though, Jana Kohl is whining that President Obama betrayed her after she mentioned his name in her book. He bought a dog from a breeder. Isn't that just awful (snort)? How much money does she make every time she whines and the news services pick it up? The story includes the title of the book. She gets her name mentioned in the news alongside President Obama's and the title of her book, and people go out and buy it. When they buy it they reward this kind of disrespectful nastiness and further her agenda against respectable business.

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