Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did the HSUS Suppress the WSB-TV Story?

On Thursday, May 14, 2009, WSB-TV in Atlanta Georgia, U.S., ran an expose against the HSUS, the Humane Society of the United States. By late Friday, that article was removed from their website. On her site, Erica Saunders says that Wayne Pacelle, president of the HSUS, claims that all of their information was from the Center for Consumer Freedom website and was discredited. As Erica says, how can it be "discredited" when the information comes from the HSUS's own IRS filings?

I suppose that more "discredited" information is the fact that John P. Goodwin now works for the HSUS in a high-paying job because of his experience working with the terrorist organization ALF, which has been burning more animals lately in an attempt to save them from the torment of human ownership.

The HSUS is a fraudulent charity with many front organizations. I say this without reservation because the HSUS tells lies about pet ownership, it gathers funds fraudulently, and it illegally spends those charitable contributions to influence legislation.

I have also been reading that various TV stations are blocking E-mails from people who want them to buy and play that segment in other markets. This is just weird.

If the HSUS is applying some form of intimidation to stop this broadcast from being aired, that is also proof that the HSUS does not want the truth to be told. Well, they've just made it so that this will go viral. The Center for Consumer Freedom put the video on Youtube. It is well worth watching. Please ask your local TV stations to air it.

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