Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will the HSUS Try to Shut Down Websites?

Armed with the disingenuous claim that we have been telling lies, the HSUS could decide to threaten Google and other providers to try to get blogs and websites shut down. WSB-TV in Atlanta repeated the claims of the Center for Consumer Freedom about the HSUS's use of money that they gathered to allegedly help victims of Katrina.

The rumor, which Wayne Pacelle knows to be true, is that during the worst of the aftermath, HSUS rescuers allowed a lot of dogs to die when they knew where the dogs were. There are a lot of witnesses to this fact and they need to speak to their local TV and radio stations and newspapers. It may not have occurred to a lot of people in time that the disaster aid was for photo opportunities and that they needed to watch the "Humane Society of the United States."

I suppose that the HSUS intends to quibble about the definition of using the money for Katrina victims, because even though WSB-TV issued a "correction" the fact is that a lot of the uses that the HSUS claims to have put the money to are not what you expect when you send money to help save pets who are stranded by floodwaters. I say in good faith because I have received word from eyewitnesses that the HSUS actually got in the way of rescuers who actually went into the water to save pets.

The HSUS's career has included hurling a lot of false accusations at animal owners, including horse owners and commercial breeders, so it's not surprising if they are using the quibble over some CCF facts to get David Martosko's Twitter account suspended, or to get the video segment pulled, or someone's blog or site suspended or closed.

WSB is supposed to eventually issue a new report. If it goes the way that the HSUS wants, the first mainstream media outlet to report what the HSUS has been doing wrong is going to be the first to issue a retraction. This is an attempt to deter any television, radio station, or mainstream media from reporting accurately what the HSUS has been doing to our rights and what kind of charities fraud it has been perpetrating.

The HSUS still has this guy who has all kinds of connections with people who he has taught to commit arson. Even if they "fire" him I'm sure they won't be strangers. This is one more chilling effect on freedom of speech. In Los Angeles people are afraid to go to their city commission meetings because all sorts of freaks show up for the animal rights side. Some leather-wearing character with tattoos shows me a Zippo lighter engraved with a devil's head and I'm probably going to wet my pants and leave the room. Most of the people who have the absolute right to be there can't take the pressure and shouldn't have to in a country like the U.S. Good people don't bully others, and the HSUS has been witnessed bullying people who were trying to save pets after Katrina.

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