Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Explanation

If someone wants to dismiss me as a nutjob, so be it. People used to shout "faggot" and "pussy" at me and then knock me to the ground and kick and stomp on me, so if you want to call me a nutjob, you're a piker.

Any time someone points the finger at someone else I want to tear that finger off and stomp on it. Why? One scene that I saw in a few different movies was the angry mob gathering around someone who was peculiar. Then some woman, and in two or three different movies it always seemed to be the same actress, would pull a face, point a finger, and shout something like "Witch!" then the mob would storm their victim and pull him or her to pieces or throw them on a fire or something. This is a spectacle that is also arranged periodically in real life, to this day, as the public stoning, for example, of a girl who was raped by her male relatives, who complained about it to the police, then was convicted of adultery because after all she confessed to having sex with them.

The public stoning, public hanging, the dependency on ganging up on someone and showing his severed head around, these are anathema to me personally. They are indications that this society is going retrograde. Since around 1970 I have seen the signs of decreasing scientific literacy and competency, and similar problems with social skills. People work for less money and pay higher rent and utility bills. We have a lot fewer freedoms. The alleged misconduct of one person is used by our so-called legislators as an excuse to punish everyone who can be classed with that person, and we can't fight that by gang-beating someone who we identify as an offender because that won't stop the real ones and it definitely won't stop the ones that are put-up deals.

The evil ones, the animal liberation people who hate humanity and want us to die, depend on doing just this thing and it is easy to take away from them if we put away our desire to "go after" alleged animal abusers. I could give a crap what happens to animal abusers but it is not worth losing essentially everything that millions of people live for.

Think about that. People live for their animals. What kind of people live for their animals? Good people who do not deserve to be punished for the misdeeds of others who they cannot control in any way, shape or form. If the machinations of a few sociopaths end up punishing all of us severely, in the form of taking ruthless advantage of people who cannot afford decent attorneys, and we are reduced to shouting "Witch!" at a few animal abusers and perverts and burning them in a woodpile, we might as well not even bother to take out our anger. It's too little and too late. Every one of us who wants to attend that party would be a lot better off going home and cracking a few books, maybe some on science, on sociology and psychology, and some Chomsky for sure.

Not even the exercise of taking the most evil person on Earth, torturing him, watching his body being slowly eaten away by acid, poking him with icepicks, hearing his screams, would be better than that. Not even turning Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan into glowing craters will do your hearts as much good. Grow up, kiss your dog, open a book, and become a citizen again.


  1. And I have a big problem with ANYONE giving money to animal rights groups for any reason.

  2. No one should be proud of putting another human in jail. It is a dirty business.