Thursday, September 2, 2010

I've got an answer

Why would I want an exotic?

In my case, I have been kissed and touched by big cats and they are wonderful. They heal my spirit. They make me feel warm and good all over.

Every home that has a living animal is, obviously, one more viable habitat for that animal.

I don't believe the argument that private breeding encourages poaching. Who is going to go for an illegal supply when there is a legal supply that is much easier to obtain and runs no risks of being put in jail? That is one of the big lies of conservation.

Unlike SOME people I respect the need that people have to be recognized for something. I hear tell that it is a fair accomplishment to grow a healthy tiger from a cub.

Some people find an affinity for a particular beast and find that they have never been so much in love in their life. Being in love is always a desirable state.

Having pets helps us live longer.

What mistake did I make?

I allowed an animal rights twit to treat this as an open question, open for discussion with a Luddite who hates humanity and wants a lot of us to die, or even to never have existed.

The right answer is that I as an adult citizen decided that I wanted the animal. It was my decision and it is not subject to their review or approval or disapproval.

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