Tuesday, February 15, 2011


They're not trying to get us to build fences high enough to contain our tigers. They're trying to make us build fences high enough and strong enough to keep them from taking our tigers. Since there is no such thing we find ourselves with a compulsive-obsessive disorder, driving ourselves to exhaustion trying to cover our backsides while failing to face them down.

The unlawful, the unruly, the people who talk out of both sides of their mouths and screw around, they have a big advantage in this field. It seems like a drug-addled idiot can get a free pass out of the people who are grabbing our cats if he just kisses their asses and helps them screw everyone else over.

(edit) Funny thing is at the same time the gun grabbers are finally failing the cat grabbers are rising to power. They even use rhetoric like "a big cat is like a loaded gun." Possession of a gun is an absolute right guaranteed under Constitutional law, so that is where we should be but of course "they really don't mean it that way."

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