Tuesday, April 5, 2011


OK, so I haven't seen "Elephant in the Living Room" and I've only heard a little bit about it.

People have already told me that there is evidence in the film against the late Terry Brumfield, that apparently he didn't keep the lion's housing too clean.

Trouble is, I don't believe the word of people who are financed by the HSUS to produce a horrible screed against animal ownership. Belief goes out the window when I see certain names as producers and cast, and when they use their ultimate dishonest: They say that this is why private ownership should be banned.

So I had a tiff with someone about this evidence and I'm obviously wrong because obviously evidence is evidence or something, I haven't worked this out. Yet this someone seems to believe evidence from known liars, thieves, swindlers, and people who hate us and wants us dead. I've seen people who should know better believe everything that comes from PETA, too. As if a known jerk can't stage sweeping shit out of a trailer for a film production.

Whatever it is I might attempt to do for the sake of our freedom to own animals, this is a handicap. It's a hell of a block. (to me)Evidence from known liars with an agenda is not just suspect, it doesn't exist. (but)As long as I am part of a certain group, or more like a dangling chad and Internet troll, let's face it, I seem to have to accept any evidence that gives ammunition to the other side.

At least on Petlaw no one seems to be believing statements by abusive raiders.

It may be pissing in the wind, but it's my piss. Asking the world to live up to its own minimal standards is pissing in the wind, but there I be. I don't even mind tolerating a certain amount of dirt and shit as long as things are somewhere near being between the rails, and the animals are happy, well-fed, and comfortable. But if people can't quit hacking at each other, I don't want to screw with it. Maybe giving me a lot of money will make me feel better. Then I could afford a psychotherapist, some antidepressants, and a real bed to sleep in. But if I can't own a pet tiger without a bunch of strangers having to share the experience and "making sure" that I satisfy whatever dark desires they have, I'll buy them each a pet tiger for themselves if I get rich, and they can have mine, too. And maybe we can talk some time, but right now I'm sick of talking about animals.

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