Sunday, June 24, 2012

Humane Feelings Used As Psychological Torture

I just wrote this on Facebook:

"The bait is the idea of humane care of animals and inflicting the minimum of pain. Zero tolerance, a bait and switch game, sets the hook that comes with the bait. The perpetrators use your compassion against you. They think that they have a natural right to own the issue, your person, and your resources.

The ones who think that way are always less. I've been persuaded at times that they have a stronger grip on reality. Then I realize that it is not the embrace of a lover, but the strangling grip of, well, someone who is not so loving.

I can say that. They define themselves by behavior that aggresses against other humans and living things, that destroys to further an agenda, and that isn't smart.

This was in response to a blog entry by The Naughty Tobiano about the definition of the term "humane."  You can read Nathan Winograd's "Redemption" and see that the term has been abused for over a century, for monetary gain and to further agendas.  If I am going to have to define the word, it might as well be for a human-animal agenda that allows humans the same privileges as animals, to be free to cohabit with or to eat whatever species we want.  It's been hard for this to be an agenda because the normal course of things is not an "agenda," it is what we do because we are human.

People like to inflict a minimum of pain and like to give pleasure, although anhedonia can set in, the aversion to pleasure.  I'm not even going to try to paste together a Greek word for a phobia against pleasure this morning.  Pleasure dissolves pain and works to defeat neurosis.  Then we worry too much about where we got the charge.  There is a certain amount of permissible exploitation of animals and exploitation in and of itself is a good thing.  The usual suspects try to twist the meaning of the word, but their behavior shows that they will exploit the animals with far more ruthlessness and they will destroy what people have built.  Their whole point is to identify those who are "not us" as needful of being destroyed.  Most of our social problems are caused by people who define other people as social problems.  At the bottom of such there is usually some kind of ripoff.  If they accuse you, you will find that they do that so that they can exploit your animals, and they will be ruthless and destructive.

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