Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do people just want to be criminals?

Maybe the point is getting beaten to death, but what I can see in a photograph seems to be quite different from what was actually there.  One of the usual suspects persists in railing at me for not seeing it and I don't care for that act.  Adding personal insults makes it worse.  I will argue bitterly against denouncing anyone on the basis of photographs. 

These days you can't rely on the "rescue" that wants to take anyone's horses, particularly multiple horses.  If the rescue evaluates the horse and can and does take the horse away, that is an automatic fail because of conflict of interest.  I always see it as robbery at gunpoint.  Every single time a "rescue" or "humane society" or "ASPCA" has taken animals that they have evaluated themselves without using a third party, it has been armed robbery and I want to see them spending long years in jail, very long and hard years.

Did someone say that this is the way that they've always done it?  Then they've always belonged in jail.  The robberies are just one reason.  The other is that they have corrupted jurisprudence. 
Every person who has participated in this is criminally liable.  Very few of them are willing to take their needed jail time and end it.  If they were that kind of hero they would never have allowed it to get started.

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