Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Righteous Tirade That Features Bill Smith

This is a rewrite of something that I posted to Pet-Law's Yahoo group:

I really think that Bill Smith lies about the "squalor." I'm sorry that he gets so much done that way. I read a piece about his mother getting a veterinarian and one of his customers in trouble and it sounds like the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

Some of these people have been giving out sketchier information than they used to. When they give enough details inconsistencies creep in. Now the news stories that I see in the Kansas City Star and the stories on the Missouri Humane Society website leave out anything that a person might analyze. That's another indicator that they lie on purpose. The longer a story you can get a liar to tell the more you can tell that they are lying. They know this. The stories have gotten awful short and the KC Star is keeping their stories very sketchy so that critics can't pick on them in the comments section.

I think that Bill Smith is a hard core swindler, actually. Both times that I saw him do a video segment he told obvious lies. They were made obvious by the video and the degree of detail that he went into that contradicted the video. Here's one:

http://abcnews. story?id= 7187712&page= 1

Obvious lies: The idea that any commercial farmer would shove a pipe down the throat of a dog and risk killing it to soften its bark is a lie. The idea that a large female golden retriever was ever kept on "chicken wire" boggles the mind, it is so stupidly obviously a lie. The dog is too big. They carry her around to keep the audience from seeing whether she can walk on other than "chicken wire." Get a load of where Bill Smith keeps his hand when he carries her, too. It's disgusting. I can say that because that's the way that he treats people.

The "chicken wire" itself is an obvious lie because chicken wire is very narrow gauge wire with fairly broad spacing, that hexagonal pattern, and it can't support any weight. The material that they stand on is not chicken wire. Big dogs like Golden Retrievers couldn't be kept in rabbit hutches, either. It's too expensive to try to build an off the ground "hutch" for a 100 pound dog. At the same time that they were talking about chicken wire they were showing Labrador Retrievers running around on the ground.

I thought that they were saying that the 300 registered breeders in Lancaster County were trying to avoid discovery, but that was the alleged 600 unregistered breeders. When he talks about those, instead of saying "these unregistered breeders" he says that "The farmers, the Amish and the Mennonites, they pull the heads back and then they hammer sharp instruments down their throats to scar their vocal cords so they can't bark." I don't see how that's physically impossible without losing most of your breeding stock and he slams their religion by name when he says this.

They talk about fecal matter falling into cages from above when they are stacked but the stacked cages that they show have trays to catch that. When the news crew goes into a breeder's facility to look around, you can see that the flooring of the cages is more like some kind of extruded plastic. I'm not familiar with that material but it looks like it's molded, not wire at all. Most of the material I saw was stiff "wire" that is large enough to be easy on feet.

I am extremely sick of being beset by liars and being unable to fire back. People should at least get comfortable with suggesting that Bill Smith and others like him are lying. That's not saying that we should rest our case on that. Breeding animals is important work. It is among our oldest technologies and it fulfills a need for humans and animals. What we do has merit.

A deception by omission is the way that Bill Smith treated the breeders. He didn't tell them that he was going to lie about them to destroy their businesses. If they had known of course they would have done anything except give their dogs to him. So would I. Fine, give the vet a few dollars to put down a dog that isn't producing anymore. It's better than giving the dog to Bill Smith to do God knows what with.

Other issues that are not side issues include his continually criticizing them for treating the dogs like an agricultural product. This is also a slam at agriculture. He is slamming the Amish religion too and treating them as if there is something wrong with being Amish. The Amish and the Mennonites are easier targets when they are less likely to know what is being said about them on Oprah or ABC news, and less likely to be on the Internet. I'm not informed enough to know whether any of them keep track of these news stories. What I've heard about the Amish is that they don't watch television or use computers, so how would they know that they are being libeled in this manner? They are an even more vulnerable target than the general public in that it is even harder for them to find out what is going on.

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