Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael Vick or the HSUS?

I've said before that it's a step down for Michael Vick to consort with the HSUS. Let's look at some facts:

Michael Vick helped out his mother with a lot of money. The HSUS helps attack elderly women for breeding dogs, at all, and lies to get then in trouble. So does the SPCA.

The HSUS got more dogs killed at one time than Michael Vick is alleged to have killed, and in a way it's worse because it's colder, it was done for political purposes, and they are supposed to be the people who would know that it is unnecessary to do this to pups who haven't been fight-trained.

Michael Vick may have taken the blame for some of his friend's actions to get them out of trouble. The HSUS tries to get people in trouble for small things like dirty water dishes.

The HSUS has secretly killed thousands of dogs and hurts owners whenever it can. Michael Vick is only just now starting to do that.

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  1. This article rocks!

    I have said since the beginning of the Vick "abuse" saga, that the Constitution has never given rights to animals, and the very idea of arresting him for "abuse" is totally unconstitutional.

    The same liberals who were screaming that the Patrot Act was an intrusion into our privacy, now want to intrude in exactly the same way, for the animal rights BS.

    The AR's scream about cruelty and torture then demand the right to slaughter and slowly torture Vick to death.

    And even though he had no business being arrested in the first place, he was and went to jail and lost a lot of money from not playing Pro Football.

    After all that the torture lovers who lie they are supposedly against torture, still want to
    torture Vick to death.

    Liberal hypocrisy, showing it's true colors.