Friday, July 17, 2009

A Note to the Citizens of British Columbia

Some people may freeze to death because of the eco-terrorist bombings of natural gas pipelines, and we know that up in Canada it's cold. These people want you to freeze to death. Here's my opinion about that:

When you let characters like Barry Penner, the B.C. Minister of Environment, decide the fate of your pets and livestock, the eco-terrorists do not give you a break. They get worse. You earned it, citizens of B.C. The people who you've allowed to run wild, are.

That's right. Give up your "exotic" pets and they will bomb your natural gas pipelines because they know that you're wimps and you won't do anything about it like shoot them or even tell your legislators that they are wrong.

The eco-terrorists, the SPCA, and Barry Penner have made the citizens of B.C. their bitches. That's when you know that too much civilization has come to Canada. Enjoy what you have left. It ain't much.

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