Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Believing the Word of Our Oppressors

Another good title for the book "Malleus Maleficarum" would be "The Book of Dirty Lies." It invents, in graphic color, lies that can be told about individual humans.

The French Aristrocracy called the common human the "proletariat" which means "syphilitic." "Original sin" means that we're all trash that can only be redeemed and made human by obeying our overlords.

A witchsmeller is nothing but a dishonest storyteller who can lay down any kind of fantastical story about your neighbors and make you believe it. Had Whitley Streiber's books gained a little more credibility the witchsmeller could get us to believe tales of being abducted by UFOs and being probed by small skinny aliens.. Uh...

Why do so many of us seem to swallow a story by PETA hook, line, and sinker? Think about it.

It is so hard to believe even what we see with our own eyes, and so hard to understand the import of that which we do believe, that we are seriously harming ourselves if we believe the word of anything that comes from the HSUS or PETA. We're screwing ourselves if we believe their videos. Dan Christensen saw them in action, staging videos in trucks that they brought to the scene. I suspect that it was dog shit that Tim Harrison was shoveling out of that trailer at Terry Brumfield's place.

The rite of due process means that the evidence doesn't exist unless it is proven to some degree of certainty. We are dealing with people who would pack a dog crate with manure, shove your dog in that manure face first, and take a picture. So where does the slightest chance of believing their words come from?

I know. It's a form of suicide. They throw so much garbage that some of it sticks and since it's mental garbage you might not know which garbage stuck and what it did to you. We're too generous. We give up too much to them when we should be treating them as if none of their evidence exists.

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