Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Irresponsible" Pet Owners of America

It's going to be a funny-looking acronym when it is shown this way: "I"POA.

This is something that is vitally needed. I sit before you as a person who has had every responsibility in his life thrown in his face or stuffed up his behind and then forcibly ripped from him before he could "get it." What does the term mean? The term "irresponsible" is a weapon that is used against others the way that the "n" word is used against black people. Black people took to calling each other that in normal conversation. When used by black people who are talking to black people, it means "brother" and "one who I have common cause with" and also "human being." When used by a white man against a black man it means some pretty degrading things.

Both "puppy mill" and "irresponsible" are routinely used as terms of degradation, terms of bigotry, terms that denigrate others. If "responsible" means that a person is a good person and "irresponsible" means that a person is a bad person who shouldn't own a "king", then the term is used to set one's self up as the judge of another. Calling myself an "I"POA person means that I am no one's judge.

Were I to try to be an animal owner I would have to fight terrorists who work under the color of law and people who will freely label me negatively if I fail to measure up to their allegedly high standards. I've been seeing the term "irresponsible" tossed around pretty freely lately. If it is because someone was irritated with me and wanted me to shut up, she has her wish, at least on her forum.

An "I"POA person has principles and one of those is "thou shalt not judge." Another is "thou shalt not steal." A "responsible" person seems to have to be responsible for someone else's actions. The same person will fight to the death of his person and his culture to get at those "irresponsible" people. Well excuse me all to hell. I'm not going to kill myself or my culture over someone's allegedly dirty pen.

People in this society have shown a willingness to bring down society entirely to get at the black people, the sex perverts, the drug users, and now, the allegedly irresponsible pet owners. It's always something isn't it? The pattern of attack is always suicidal. They're in it for the suicide, not to get at anyone else but themselves. When you go on the attack against a class of people, it's always an attack against yourself first. This is true directly because it's usually an attack against something that you hate about or within yourself. It is true indirectly because it gives opportunities for exploiters to come back and beat you up.

The only responsible pet owner is one who defends her own.

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