Friday, June 5, 2009

California Senator Fran Pavley Betrays Pet Owners

After AB1634 was defeated, so was Lloyd Levine, who attempted to perpetrate that bill on California. Then SB250 came along which was just a re-written version of AB1634. Fran Pavley beat Lloyd Levine out of a Senate seat with the help of voters who were against AB1634. People even sent campaign contributions to Pavley in the amount of $16.34 to make it clear why they voted for her. I've been reading posts by people who worked hard to get Pavley in.

Now Fran Pavley gave the deciding vote to get another mandatory spay/neuter bill on the floor, and that bill has passed the California Senate but not the Assembly. She betrayed the people who voted her in.

Any senator who betrays the people whose votes she solicited should shortly become the former senator (apply that to any position of authority). For some reason this seems to be the pattern with people who use the animal rights or environmentalists platforms to gain votes, and Pavley is one of those who sells global warming. I suppose that puppy farts are now considered harmful to the ozone layer.

Anyone who betrays people like that to get a seat on the legislature is just not a good person with a good cause.

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