Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Have to Give People Something

A lot of people who are on the ownership rights side also jump on the cruelty bandwagon. We want everyone to have their rights as long as they "aren't cruel" and "don't neglect." Even when we make somewhat finer distinctions and sound more positive, if it adds up to the same or a similar program, it doesn't look any different to the public. We can call it animal welfare or animal protection, and it still does not say that we have a progressive purpose in owning animals. It still says that the thrust is to eliminate abuse. When all that gravitates to its logical conclusion, the fewer animals there are the fewer animals are abused. This is a really bad policy that has grave consequences for the animals and humanity. What we practice on the animals we really will do to humans, like mass slaughter to send everyone else to Heaven ahead of us.

The public wants something for the animals and in all the confusion the smartest of us will have trouble figuring out what. Of course, just because it took me a while doesn't mean that, but I think it's true anyway. Of course people want good lives for nonhuman animals. It's just natural.

The animal rights activists found it more profitable to do good by fighting evil because they could slap a label on everyone they felt like. Agriculture does a lot more good for the animals because their health and well-being are our health and well-being. The activists sell this in the negative and as it always happens, the negative campaigns have spiraled out of control and have to be stopped.

We who believe in the right to own animals have to give the public something. Warm fuzzies are still good. People hugging tigers is good, and a message that I would like to see would be something like "you can have this yourself." Tell people the truth, that breeding is good for animals. That's where new animals come from. Animal-based agriculture provides us with safe and nutritious food and we feed the animals first. Give people something to respect, to honor, to love. Help them understand what a rodeo means, or a cattle drive, or why people should play with big cats, elephants, wolves, bears, or big birds. Share the love.

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