Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Will Tolerate Animal Abuse

That sounds like a bizarre, in your face thing to say doesn't it? Yet I will stand behind it. Zero tolerance for animal abuse is one of the most destructive things going these days. Zero tolerance means that if you're late feeding your already well-fed dog one evening, you're just as bad as someone who puts kittens in ovens. If there's a bit of kibble on the floor, as the person who sold the dog to Vice President Joe Biden found out, a zero tolerance "officer" will use it to violate you and your reputation.

A few times in history states have pared back their humane laws to the bare minimum because it was utterly ridiculous. There has to be some tolerance for things that are not exactly as someone would want them. Tolerance may be the only thing that will save us. Animal owners and users have to have a goal to achieve, preferably total freedom from regulation. It is OK to want what we want. Our rights are superior to those of animals. Fortunately for the animals our desires are to care for them in ways that are often extravagantly pleasing to the animals. The animal rights people are fighting against that. It is very wrong to eliminate the use of animals in the hopes that a few will suffer less. Most of them won't even exist to feel pain or pleasure.

If any animal owner wants to win this fight, we have to decide that we want what we want and stop giving any kind of power to the humane organizations. If the humane organizations want to operate they must do so under very strict guidelines which include no knocking over of little old ladies to try to "save" a few cats who are doing quite well. They shouldn't have any problems with being service organizations instead of armed robbers.

Tolerance of abuse means that humane care and use of animals becomes possible. With that tolerance we make this care possible, diligently, and diligently make certain that legal powers are not abused, so that it is possible for humans to do what so many of us want to do, to live with animals and take good care of them. It is the only way. Intolerance destroys.


  1. If people act funny using animal rights laws, yu too can become a animal right activist. Put up a name board on your door "Animal right Activist". Keep some pages of Animal Right Laws with you.

    If people act funny, you too can.

  2. :They shouldn't have any problems with being service organizations instead of armed robbers.
    I would like to have the agencys change to as you call service organizations. how many animal have been killed when a little help to those who owned then needed to get small issues solved. they could have taken donations and given it to the owners for the care of the animals or given the money in feed or what ever was needed. but no they take donations to say they are helping and kill off the ones they dont want.