Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm Sorry About "Tiger Lily"

I am sorry that a kitten was cruelly burned to death in an oven. I feel bad for the kitten who screamed its life out in intolerable heat, not only frightened by the pain and heat but by the loss of trust in its humans. Her screams may haunt me for the rest of my life even though I can only imagine them (thank God that I can only imagine). This hurts someone very much who loves animals more than he loves himself. So I love property more than myself, especially living property, so sue me. They happen to be more lovable than I am.

Still, I do not support felony animal abuse charges against Cheyenne Cherry who has confessed to the killing of that kitten. I will admit that I'm tempted. Who wouldn't want someone like that thrown in jail and the key lost?

I would think that whoever has been following the crimes committed by the HSUS against animal owners and breeders would want them jailed and the key lost. They have been very cruel to the commercial breeder who they recently busted in Indiana, on the pretext that they weren't paying sales taxes. They and other so-called humane organizations use felony animal abuse charges to force people to hand over their own property, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. Those charges are obviously bogus if they can be bought out. Even worse, in this case they also took the property that was to be held for a tax lien, so there's even more corruption than usual.

Felony property damage I will support. The Bronx teenager broke into someone's apartment and burned valuable property, so that's also arson. Animals are property and we're better for it. Owners do not get charged with ridiculous crimes for ridiculous reasons and face ridiculous penalities if their cars are dirty. Yet. We can kill and eat our own property and the HSUS wants to take that right away from us as they want to take away our right to keep pets humanely. Felony property damage kicks in when someone who does not own the property damages or destroys it. That protects the owner and the animal. Current laws have failed to protect owners from bogus charges leveled by AR-infested humane organizations and a good felony property damage/felony theft under color of law regulation, if followed, would put a lot of those people in jail where they belong. Some of them have done worse than Cheyenne Cherry did. Some of the so-called humane organizations have killed a lot of valuable lives, more than any other abusers that I know of.

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