Thursday, September 2, 2010

If the world suffered a catastrophic blow?

Could the vegans, AR nuts, and environmentalists survive if the world were struck a catastrophic blow, such as an asteroid strike or a supervolcano explosion?

Most likely we would have to kill or convert most of them if we wanted to survive. They take advantage of our complacency and sense of security to put in all their little "measures" and their hurts, and to continually reduce our standard of living and the value of our lives. I would rather not have to have the world reduced to a smoking ruin before I woke up to this. An ounce of prevention could save the human race, so please stop these people.

One of them just took a few shots at some human beings. I would just as soon forget his name. Its name. I'm glad that it's dead. I've read its manifesto and its a retard.

People who hate humanity are this sick. I guess we brush them off and don't think about it but now we have a good reason to stop and think. They will use singular examples of bad dog breeders, if they can pretend that one exists and make us believe it, to tar all dog breeders with an ugly brush, but no matter how many times they blow up houses and cars and drive people out of business with terrorist acts, too few people seem to wake up and smell the coffee. Did one of them actually have to shoot a person? Arson and bombs aren't enough? As usual, is someone effing kidding me?

You go to the Animal Liberation Front's website and click on "Press Office" and you can see that they have constantly been congratulating people who commit acts of arson which risk human deaths and should be considered death threats. I'm surprised that they have the wisdom to speak not one fucking word about this incident. It's a good time to remind people that John Goodwin of the HSUS has said that he was ecstatic when a family was run out of their home by an ALF arson. How many people here know that Ira Einhorn of "Earth Day" fame killed his girlfriend and kept the body in a trunk in his apartment? There is the constant clamor that we must curtail human reproduction and human activities, by deadly means if deemed necessary, deemed by whom I don't know.

Could this be the beginning of a wave of attacks? Now here we have a dilemma. No one on the side of the human beings wants to go around killing people for being environmentalists. They constantly attack our lifestyles, our freedoms, what we love, the way that we think, and our diets, and they constantly find ways to hurt us and actually compromise our lives. Yet somehow the "butcher of Baghdad" was more important although we have problems to take care of here at home, and our people went over there and killed a lot of people in the name of freedom. In the name of everyone's freedoms but those of Americans? And the freedoms of Americans have been labeled as "too dangerous" and thus we just give them away to the worst groups that exist in this day and age, groups that have murdered millions of perfectly good animals just to get them away from the people who love them?

They want to say that their calls for mass human genocide are "in the abstract" but the longer it remains "in the abstract" the more it seems to become set to become a reality, all at once, thousands of these people with guns charging into legal businesses, rather like a puppy mill raid but firing the guns as they go, like they did in the raid of Terry Cullen's business, killing two dogs. This is so very close to being the end result of a planned military buildup.

Rambling on: Pieces of our souls are held hostage when they take our animals. New York and Chicago are reaching a peak of keeping thousands of dogs in durance vile, as hostages, holding pieces of our souls in evil conditions, making them suffer long painful deaths. They lead the nation in stealing animals. Cook County (Chicago) deputies actually went out of jurisdiction to steal one woman's dogs. They have a hoard that they have stolen and the HSUS's projections about hoarding actually tell their own story, that they hoard on purpose, by stealing, in order to have an evil effect on humanity. Do not ever underestimate the effect of psychological warfare. They can use the animals to send messages of hope or they can send messages of despondency that paralyze us. The only defense is to stand up for ourselves, to think for ourselves.

And I was talking about ARs and environmentalists wanting us dead and shooting at us and setting our property on fire? Killing our animals is the same thing. The ALF takes credit for arsons, literally saying that they take credit for arsons. It's a small step to deliberate killings and if they haven't killed anyone yet it's dumb luck. There is that "Negotiation is Over" website. They are very open about advocating violence against persons. One Walter Bond complains about his likely fictional experience at a slaughterhouse. He likes to set things on fire so he just might be a turd.

They like to pretend that even before September 1, 2010, they didn't fire the first shot, but a lot of legal businesses have been destroyed by them, so it's a little bit vague, and a lot of people lead lives that were diminished by them. I don't know how many suicides their actions inspired. They talk like they're badasses until something comes along that can really land them in hot water, then they're talking chickenshit. All arson fires are a death threat. One fireman a few years ago in Bellevue Nebraska was killed by a ceiling collapse after the fire was out and that's how dangerous it is. When Walter Bond fails, through no virtue of his own, to kill anyone with his criminal use of fire, he's an ALF darling. Notice that the ALF, PETA, and the HSUS are saying "not one fucking word" on their sites and they don't know the Anonymous Turd. Say what? A legal business is burned and they give support to the terrorist. They pretend that the AR groups haven't crossed the line by disowning one of their own turds.

That's how people like that maintain an unblemished record. They just rewrite history the way they want it to look. If Anonymous had set a building on fire he would be their hero. Same turd, same shit, just juggle the rhetoric a little. And they want like anything to pretend that this never was a shooting war. This is a very good time for them to pretend that they are nonviolent and that this has never been a shooting war. Yet PETA has continually given aid and comfort to terrorists, including the one who screwed Edward Taub over at Silver Spring Maryland, ironically. (Spring is singular, no "s" at the end.) The HSUS gave at least one terrorist a cushy job, an action that speaks louder than lying disclaimers. The ALF does nothing but encouraging terrorism.

He Whose Name Shall be Written in Fecal Matter and Urinated On is more one of their babies than they are themselves.

But I've got to ask you all, whoever read down this far. We would "get" to shoot real bullets at them if any eco-terrorist or animal rights group gave vocal support to the shooter at the Discovery Channel, right? And all they have to do is keep their damn mouths shut for once? They can just suspend us that way? Think long and hard about that. The same thing keeps a lot of us from tearing them new ones in the legislative arena.

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