Friday, September 3, 2010

Negative versus positive

This is an issue that I've had and it's been building up inside me. The so-called humane people base their careers on the real criminality of just a very few people and the imagined criminality of the many.

Then they become hoarders and abusers themselves plus they beg and whine for and get the authority to "straighten things out" by attacking people as they see fit, which winds up with a lot of innocent people being mauled by their local law enforcement and a lot of animals being killed and given up to the theft rings.

That is the result of negativity. I've mentioned this here several times in the past two or three years. I'm convinced that all attempts at a humane system should be positive and constructive. What we have depends on killing perfectly healthy animals to get them away from "inhumane" treatment.

Negativity is like that. By its nature it cannot be handled responsibly. They get it upside down and see it as other people being unable to raise animals responsibly but since they are wearing negative-colored glasses they can't see it in any other light or lack of light. "So mad I can't see straight" is a common phrase. If you can't see straight, how do you fix things? You don't. You just make them worse.

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