Sunday, September 5, 2010

It is impossible to underestimate AR

I feel relieved. I thought for a minute that the Animal Liberation Front wasn't going to say something ignorant about the shooter at Silver Spring Maryland, who took the violence of the animal rights movement to a slightly higher level not far from where Alex Pacheco lied to get Edward Taub in trouble with the police, the ASPCA, and Roger Caras.

Their headline: Environmental, Animal Activist James Jae Lee Executed by Police After Washington DC-Area Seige. I don't like linking to the ALF site and it's easy to find on Google.

I have been a pretty strong advocate against the death penalty and against tasering people who are handicapped by age whose crime is to talk back to crazy animal control people, but for crying out loud. They say "execute" like it's a bad thing when a crazy man is threatening a room full of hostages.

Even though Dr. Keith Ablow said on Fox News that the nameless idiot was "not a terrorist", come on. There are several organizations that have a vested interest in maintaining the illusion that in some way the animal liberation and environmental groups are not terrorists. That vested interest includes the trillions of dollars that will be spent in the yet to be announced "war to save the environment" that will be launched as a profitable substitute for the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Chicago mob has been arranging for quite some time to control the bulk of those government funds, which will be no more carefully monitored than any other "superfund" or the AIDS billions that quietly disappeared. The thefts of all kinds of animals becomes much more understandable when you know that under the guise of "saving the environment" each animal will become a profit center worth millions, and the HSUS, the WWF, and others have banded together to create the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

In spite of the fact that they hired known and convicted terrorist John Goodwin to a very cushy job as a reward for his terrorist activities for the ALF, the HSUS wants us to believe that they are against terrorism. Yeah, right, Goodwin's terrorist activities are his qualifications for the job. They want us to believe that they are not a sponsor of terrorism. I can understand that. If I were sponsoring terrorism I would want people to believe that I wasn't.

They want people to believe and disbelieve at the same time. Obviously the HSUS has a connection with terrorism. When PETA helps out Rodney Coronado and even one of its founders has been caught in overt terrorist activities, it has a connection with terrorism. Then when we want to nail them against the wall, they somehow wriggle out of it with denials. Something's missing here. What stays our hand? Is there interference from a cabal that knows that it is going to profit tremendously from the war to save the environment?

The Inquisitions were designed not to get at a few old ladies who had some cats and dogs and valuable real estate although that was a profitable sideline. The real thrust was social control by terror. If anyone is going to kick, that's the time. It is hard on people to see sweet old ladies being burned in bonfires. This also inflames the usual town lowlifes. Whoever protested found themselves accused and burned also. These days they do you in with political correctness.

The AR movements and the environmental movements need the terrorists. The leaders can't own these things without them. Some of us relax and go to sleep again because we think that they're fighting to save wildlife and the environment. We give them a pass. Most of us have such a tyrannical conscience over alleged environmental destruction that we let them abuse us. We even pay our dominators and dominatrixes for the favor.

Terrorists should be taken out and shot and their sponsoring organizations should be disbanded and the leadership jail for life. It's a fine line to walk when you're a greasy sociopath from Chicago who needs the terrorists, who needs to curry their favor, and who needs them to singe people once in a while. You all know which sociopath I am talking about.

So they just keep playing the game. They reward and help the terrorists with one hand and deny and "renounce" violence with the other sides of their mouths. We sort of sit still confused if we haven't decided that yes, the animal rights cultists and the environmentalists have been violent since the 1970s and this is a shooting war. To me it's a shooting war if my home, my car, or my workplace has been bombed or set on fire. It's a lot more of a shooting war if one of theirs straps on a suicide bomb and takes hostages. I'm glad that the police put a bullet in James Lee. They need to do it a lot more often instead of sucking up to them.

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